Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS
The Project

The new TEN-T guidelines designs the transport infrastructure in two layers:

  • the general network called "comprehensive network"
  • the core network covering the main transport streams between capitals, large urban nodes, major ports and border crossing points.

Specifically, 9 multimodal core network corridors will be the main tool to develop the EU TEN-T network of the future, with a specific focus on modal integration, interoperability, as well as on a coordinated development and management of infrastructure.

Motorways of the Sea will remain the maritime dimension of the TEN-T network and, by improving Maritime and Ports operations, will allow the development of the underlying skeleton of the new multimodal core network corridors.

As an operative and policy supporting framework, WiderMoS will improve the interface between maritime transport and other modes (mainly rail), developing new port/ship/train interfaces and efficient port-hinterland connections, connecting ports and integrate origins and destinations and bridging gaps in and between different trade corridors.

In other words, WiderMoS aims at facilitating the homogeneous connection between Motorways of the Sea and the TEN-T core network corridors throughout several activities:

  • a MoS prospective study in 2020 and beyond, setting options and opportunities for the future deployment of MoS and assessing its potential as the maritime dimension of TEN-T as the 11th Corridor in the TEN-T Network
  • an in-depth analysis of 4 topics (including customs procedures and logistic processes) linked to the deployment of the future governance model of the core network corridors
  • a number of 5 pilot projects in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Baltic sea focused in the development of an IT Corridor Management Platform acting as a Logistic Single Window for the integration of sea ? based transport services in the logistic chain, considering all types of freight operations, in order to allow a seamless shipment management and communication between all the actors of the supply chain; the pilots aim at overcoming specific bottlenecks with a focus on paperless logistics / e-customs processes and with priority for the integration of inland terminals and rail.

WiderMos will be supported by a large stakeholder platform working as a think tank for the actual and future MoS in terms of performance, capacity and requirements, programme of measures, market studies, implementation and investment plans. The platform will be composed by institutional entities, regional and local authorities and other relevant public and private stakeholders including chambers of commerce, port authorities, shipping lines, shippers, infrastructure managers, transport and logistics operators.

More information
Email: widermos@porto.laspezia.it
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Contact person
Federica Montaresi - WiderMos project coordinator
Email: federica.montaresi@porto.laspezia.it
Telephone: 0039 0187 546 368